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about thensg.

The NSG exists to provide evidence-based sales and marketing knowledge and expertise to the housing sector in order to gain a competitive advantage. Our inclusive and impartial culture promotes a forum to question, share and learn. We strive to challenge convention and government legislation on behalf of our members.

Our mission

Our mission is clear: to equip sales and marketing professionals in the affordable housing sector with the knowledge, education, influence, and performance-enhancing tools needed to thrive. We recognise that your success directly impacts the communities you serve, and we are here to ensure you reach your fullest potential.

Our Team of Industry Experts

Behind The NSG stands a dedicated team of industry experts with a profound passion for helping our members achieve their goals. Our experts bring years of experience and unparalleled insight, ensuring you have access to the best guidance and resources available. From brand identity to legislation and policy updates, we cover all aspects of the sales customer journey and beyond.

Driving Excellence in Affordable Housing Sales & Marketing

The NSG is at the forefront of enabling all companies across the UK to market and sell homes through Shared Ownership and other affordable housing tenures. From Housing Associations, Local Authorities and For-Profit Providers. As a membership organisation, we prioritise knowledge sharing and collaborative learning. We have forged partnerships with the government through Homes England and industry stakeholders to create opportunities and elevate performance standards in the affordable housing sales sectors.

Our NSG Community

With over 700 members spanning the UK, The NSG provides a dynamic community where professionals come together to learn, grow, and connect.

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